‘Indie authors’ for the purposes of this Newsletter are defined as authors who have published their work on their own, rather than through a traditional publishing route. ‘Indie books’ refer to the works of these authors. Those published through ‘hybrid publishing’ (combining elements of traditional and self-publishing) are also considered indie for the purposes of this Newsletter, as are those from very small independent presses.

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Book submissions for the ‘New Releases’ section should not be older than three months.

Each book review used in the Newsletter will entitle the writer of that review to a free ‘Featured Promotion’ which promotes their own work or another indie book or series, blog tour organiser, beta reader, etc.

Submissions for the news round-up can include: awards, competitions, author milestones, surveys, interviews, contributions required for other indie book-related platforms and anything else which celebrates or spreads the word about indie authors.

The following content is NOT accepted for the Newsletter: erotica; non-fiction categorised as low-content (diaries, colouring books etc); academic or technical non-fiction; web-only content not published in book formats; content in languages other than English with the exception of dual-language books; offensive language in reviews/news/book descriptions; audio and video files embedded in the Newsletter; external links to specific social media posts; books written by or with covers created by generative AI (please note that the Editor does not have the time or resources to identify AI content and/or remove it from Newsletter editions already published). This list is subject to additions or alterations at the discretion of the Editor.

Subscribers who offer services to indie authors, such as editing, proof-reading, beta reading, blog tours, cover designs, etc, should have their own websites which include testimonials if they wish to be in the ‘Featured Promotions’.

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